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InYou learns from your answers and choices to recommend for you: content, activities and programs that are suitable for your profile and goals. Tell us a bit about you and leave the rest to us.

Push notifications and gamification help you keep focused on your nutrition, physical shape, and emotional balance.

This is achieved through the recommendation of content specific for each goal that you want to achieve.

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InYou is based on the self-improvement concept: the more questions you answer about your profile and the more you use the app, the better our suggestions will be.


InYou is a platform made by people for people. The programs are crafted by a team of psychologist, nutritionists, physician educators and other specialists in the field of health.



Their concern is to develop methods that not only aim your self-improvement goals but also be pleasant and easy to perform.

A content team adjusts
these programs so that they
adapt your lifestyle

and motivate you from within
your mobile phone.


Customized for you.

For each goal that you may have, InYou has a different program and a way to get you there. You can develop your skills through reading, podcasts, videos, quizzes, interactive exercises and much more. Just pick one and start.



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InYou has a great variety of programs. To choose the more suitable to your style or goal, use the filter option or click on Inspire Me and let InYou make a suggestion based on what it knows about you.


You play, you learn

InYou keeps you focused on your learning
by providing rewards at every finished program or mission.

It's almost like a game: you get boosts to move forward,
enjoy the ride and share with your community.


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